Oranjefonds Kroonappels

Kroonappels was a project which allowed the Dutch to submit initiatives and, over the course of a weekend, cast a vote on initiatives submitted in their neighbourhood. The winning projects would enter in a competition allowing them to win the grand prize of €50,000.

What did I build?

I was approached by Maximonster to build a high-performance and fault tolerant website which would host the voting process. Together with Marc Worrell, we created a cluster of Zotonic web servers to establish this. As part of this proces, Zotonic was submitted to a security audit by KPMG and was found to be highly secure.

Exhaustive preparations were done on this project because it had a high visibility, so the customer wanted absolute certainty that the system could handle the load of all these simultaneous users casting their vote on their favorite project. A load test was performed and its results were above expectations: the Zotonic implementation was 4 times faster than the client's specs required.

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