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Follow me, @acscherp on Twitter or connect to me on LinkedIn. Of course, just e-mailing me at also works, or even a plain-old phone call to +31641322599.

About me

As a programmer and tinkerer, my work is about the exploration of a new universe. Diving head-first into new technologies and unexplored media, I work on the boundary between the physical and the virtual. 

So, what exactly does that mean? I like working on challenging projects in a wide spectrum of technologies. By trade, I have been doing web development for over 10 years, but the jobs I find most interesting always have a physical component in them. Web-connected art installations, RFID interfaces, hacked ipods, et cetera. I', specialized in the research of new media and its (artistic) possibilities.

When I got my Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Amsterdam, I decided not to follow the obvious path of becoming a regular "IT specialist". I joined Eyefi Interactive, working part-time  while finishing my study Unstable Media / Interactive Design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, I started working for Mediamatic Lab in May 2008. The combination between challenging technology and interesting clients at Mediamatic was a very good one and I learned a lot during this period. I stayed there until July 2011, when I decided to start freelancing as MiracleThings.


My office is located in Amsterdam, NL in the Hackers & Founders building, conveniently located in the city center on the Herengracht. It's a wonderful space which I am sharing with other like-minded guys and startups working in the startup sector, like bottlenoseapp, @ideedock, @eholm, @_jbg and @machielse.


Postal address:
p.a. A. C. Scherpenisse, unit 1.1
Herengracht 504
1017 CB Amsterdam

Administrative details

A.C. Scherpenisse Web Consultants
ING bank 6811161 t.n.v. A.C. Scherpenisse, Amsterdam
VAT nr. NL145555367B01,
KVK nr. 34381637

All my quotes and work is subject to the MiracleThings terms and conditions. They're pretty reasonable, though ;-)