Upload Cinema - 2nd screen

A mobile web application for realtime voting during the Upload Cinema movie night.

Upload Cinema brings the best internet videos to the big screen. Every two months they present a fresh, thematic program of captivating web films, sent in and selected by the audience.

Upload Cinema asked me to create a mobile app with which the audience could give the videos a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" while the movies were playing. The apps are synchronized to the main screen: every time a new video starts, it gets "pushed" automatically to the audience's mobiles to make the voting process unobtrusive.

Technologies used

I used jQuery Mobile to create the frontend framework and used Zotonic on the backend as content management system. Zotonic's mod_signal is responsible for the real-time aspects, pushing events to the client's browsers as they happen.


Created on 10 October 2011 07:18, last modified on 22 October 2011 12:22.

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