A social photo booth, triggered by your personal tag. Creates group pictures or self portraits and uploads them directly to Facebook.

For Mediamatic Lab I developed the software for the newest generation of their IkCam software. The project evolved during the years as it was used in exhibitions and events organized by Mediamatic (PICNIC, Kom Je Ook?, the Arcade exhibition, ...).

Architecture and functionality

Currently the IkCam software features taking group pictures and self portraits, and an interactive review-mode to view pictures that were taken earlier. It supports linking an unknown tag to an existing Anymeta or Facebook profile, or creating a new Anymeta profile.

The IkCam software is fairly generic and has served as a basis for various other projects like the Nationale Automatiek. The ideas behind its architecture formed the basis for the Sparked framework that I developed for my own projects.


Created on 28 juin 2011 17:30, last modified on 28 juin 2011 18:44.

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