Parking in Amsterdam is a pain. It involves walking up to a parking pole, and entering your car license plate with a single dial. It also only accept coins, or chipknip (which nobody uses). So I decided to go with a parking company which allowed you to park your car by sms or using their app. However, I quickly found out that this was not ideal either...

There are multiple parking provides like these, ParkMobile and Yellowbrick being the biggest. I however had once decided to use a smaller one called It turned out their app was not really nice to use: it was dead slow and locked up my phone. So, as a side project, I started to build my own parking app, using the API of

What did I build?

I reverse-engineerde the API that used and built an initial version. Gradually I improved upon it, learning more about Android in the meantime. Currently it's pretty feature-complete, even including a map view to easily spot the parking poles.

The project is open source and released on Github under the MIT license.


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  • Waarom noemen jullie het Parkeer Beter, je verwacht dan een NL site maar nee hoor alles in het Engels.

    Posted by J van Leijen, on 7 November 2013.

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