Posted on 1 July 2013

Naakte Noorderlingen - hackathon entry

Last saturday I participated in a hackathon called "zo niet, dan toch" which was about creating mobile / augmented reality applications for the first Augmented Reality festival in Amsterdam Noord.

Our team consisted of Victor de Vries, Theo Rijksen, Esther Verhamme and me, and the concept was about dressing up your initially naked avatar with garments that you needed to collect by visiting historical locations in Amsterdam north. It is a collection game where you personalise your avatar by gathering information and learning about the history of this part of Amsterdam.

The active avatars are displayed in realtime on a website and on a screen on the festival to track the progress of the players.

What is even better, we actually won the prize for the best concept presentation! We'll be submitting the concept to the festival officially this week, so hopefully this app can become reality and we can participate in the Zo niet, dan toch festival.

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