Posted on 14 December 2012

Erlang talk at CWI

I got the invitation to talk at the Programming Environments Meetup at the Centrum for Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI).

The talk was part of a weekly lecture series at the Software Engineering department of the CWI. As an introduction, instead of the obvious Erlang - the Movie video, I started with another one called Erlang - the Ghetto:

The presentation itself is an assemblage of different other Erlang presentations I found on the web. It starts with the language fundamentals and its functional aspects; then continuing onto concurrency and its "Let it crash" philosophy. Then headed on to explain OTP, process supervision and the gen_server. Finally I touched upon performance issues, tuning aspects and common pitfalls.

It was refreshing to give a talk to such skilled people :-)

I illustrated the actor / message passing chapter with the code below: A shell script which processes a number of files in parallel, with limited parallelism and a "worker queue".

Erlang shell script to do some work in parallel on a number of input files. Parallelism is limited by the NumWorkers variable.

Don't use this in production though! This is just meant as a simple shell script demonstrating processes and messaging.

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