Posted on 9 July 2011

New website launched!

Taking the step of becoming an independent software developer, I decided that it was time for a new website.

While my old website,, served me well over the last years, as a place on which I documented my projects and wrote the occasional blog post, its design was a bit of a mess and hard to navigate. As I decided to take on the MiracleThings identity, a logical step was to migrate the content on my previous site and reorganize it.

So, welcome!

Under projects, you'll find a selection of projects that I have developed in the past few years; next to that is the blog section. There's also a section summing up some of my favorite technologies. The contact page shows where my office is and how to reach me, and finally there's a page about myself and my background.

It's open source

Like my old site, this one is built with Zotonic as well. The source code of this website is on github, so it hopefully can serve as an example of how to build a proper website using Zotonic :-)

I have used template inheritance quite extensively so currently the entire site consists of only 500 lines of template code. For the stylesheets, I've chosen the 960 grid system. The fancy image-zooming script, dubbed the inlineLightbox is an invention of myself. It's a simple lightboxing script but grid-aware: when the lightbox opens, it opens the image aligned to the grid of the website, giving a more natural feeling to it. At least, that's what I think.

Feel free to clone the source code, take a look and let me know if you do something useful with it!

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