A permanent installation in the town hall of Veenendaal, by Michiel Kluiters.

"Time is the voyage that the earth undertakes in the solar system. Things not only happen in time, but also in space. " Michiel Kluiters proposed the Tijdruimte installation for the town hall of the city of Veenendaal. The core of the work are two clockworks on in the tower of the building: one clockwork located on top of the tower, the other one placed at the side high on the facade. The clocks' dials contain high-definition network cameras which indicate the time by filming the surroundings. Inside the building, these images from the tower are part of a multi-channel installation. It was designed by Maarten Theuwkens.

What did I build?

For this project, I created the software for the 4 computers that made up the installation, controlling the screens in the main hall of the building and running the server software which functions as the central point for synchronizing the images being displayed on the monitors. A major part of the project was the web interface as well, which is a Javascript version of the interface, allows people to contribute new images and gives admin users the ability to moderate the uploaded pictures.


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